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  What grieves, but mostly terrifies me, is that the medical act in capitalism is just a commercial deal, like any other, on which, some make money, on the health and life of the man kind. Unfortunately, in the former communist bloc, i.e. present time, the slatternly capitalism, the story becomes similar to that from capitalism.

  But let's see how things went for me! On November 18, I had a terrible pain, beginning at the stomach, continuing toward spleen, bladder on the left side of the back, right in front of the kidney. Calin watched scared at me. At one point, I said him to call the ambulance.

  Two weeks ago, I had a crisis that lasted a few tens of minutes, but it subsided after I took a Joint Anadin pill. The crisis repeated over one week and it tormented me all night. Within these last two weeks I worked a lot in the house: I moved the furniture, I cleaned the windows from uncomfortable positions, I washed and ironed a lot. Almost every evening I was taking Anadin because it made me think I could sleep better and calms my pain, after the hard work over the day.

  Usually, I ignore the drugs package leaflet, sold into the superstores with no doctor prescription. Or, I throw them to bin, without reading, especially when they are long, written with tiny letters. And ... because I do not know what "illnesses" I have inside of my body, or what are the allergies of which I would suffer. I WILL NEVER REPEAT THE MISTAKE TO NOT REED PRESCRIPTIONS.

  Synthetic drugs (many found in supermarkets at everyone's reach) have always warnings, or adverse reactions (effects). They are written on leaflets, exclusively, in order to absolve the manufacturer from liability, in case some "mad" reads them and accuses him of unwanted effects, or even destructive. However, drug manufacturers rely on the fact that the majority, either do not read the indications, or ignore their contents, or take them because the doctor said, or bought them out of habit, only for the soothing effect. So, they produce huge quantity for a huge profit. Probably, if all these synthetic drugs, would be sold only on prescription, the billions entering the pocket of the manufacturer would be less, because the man does not get to see the doctor as often as he needs.

  But the GP subject, I will tackle in another article.

  Let come back to present topic, i.e. how, where and why I got to the hospital, I am a person who, not only does not trust the system and the medical act, but who does everything possible not to get "on the doctors hand".

  Calin called the ambulance. At the other end of the cable somebody asked for details, probably to know if it was an emergency or not.

  First of all, a paramedic came with an ambulance, sort of ordinary car. Calin was waiting at the gate.

  Few days before, while Calin was at work, I called the ambulance. The dispatcher asked me the address, insisted on spelling my name, as if this would be important while I was having great pain, and wondered if I could unlock the door, then told me an ambulance would, soon, arrive. In about an hour, or more, I saw, through the window, someone opening the gate and looking at the house; probably, should have found me outside, or with the door opened! But until I got out, it was vanished, so I called again, to tell how things happened and to ask if anyone else comes. The pain was lowering because I took Anadin and I kept heat on my belly, so I agreed with the dispatcher to call the ambulance in case the pain starts again.

  Calin asked if the "man" from the car ambulance was looking for our address and he confirmed, from what I infer that, if you are home alone, you can die "quietly", that no one opens your door!

  After the paramedic (a man around 40 years old, with a minion stature, beard and long hair, tied in a tail), dressed in the green uniform of the ambulance service made an history (evaluation) of my health condition, decided, to call, the big ambulance, following to transport me to hospital.

  Although, I only use natural remedies for prevention, maintenance and healing, I told the paramedic, exclusively, because of acute pain, that I even accept a synthetic one, believing that, I would have injected a regular pain killer. Only after I was injected, Calin and I, found that the pain killer was Morphine and we were so scared that, a few days after, I was physically and mentally affected and Calin was shocked.

  Before I was injected, he asked me: on a scale of 1 to 10 how you feel the pain; I: (it is obvious that I could not think clearly because of the pain) I feel it at level 7; and I continued: I think the problem is kidney and stomach-esophagus; he: what did the GP said?; me: nothing; he: how do you know what is the disease you suffer from, where did you get your degree? I: I know because a friend of mine (Judie Regler) has had some of the same problems I have now. It was operated twice, suffered a lot, because of doctors mistakes (or incompetence I would say), and died, only 2 years after the first operation.

  Personal comment: Maybe, he took me in laughter, because I did not have a way to know (according his "thinking"), an immigrant from an "unknown or inferior" country, without superior medical training and living "on the hill" in a modest neighborhood, what is I suffer from; he: what do you use to get rid of pain ?; I: sometimes pain killers, but most, I use teas and other natural remedies; he (contemptuously smiling): you do not get rid over pain, with tea!

  After he pierced the arms and the back of my hands about 3-4 times, he managed to inject the serum. He left my arm pierced by two needles, that he fixed with a tape (I do not know why they were 2), possibly because he supposed, he or someone else would have to inject me something, or...not? he: what's your name? me: Marylena c ...; he: spell it. Comment: I tried, but I did not succeed, so Calin had to interfere, and spelled my name, to write it in the medical slip; he: nationality ?; me: British; he: where are you from? me:from Romania; he: Romanian; I: no, British! he: you are from Romania, Romanian; I: the country of origin is Romania, but I am a British citizen. Commentary. Later, when I came out of hospital, I learned that the nationality box was filled up as Romanian national, and not as British.

  Almost immediately, after I was injected, I started to shake, very hard, and my eyes turned inside out (as Calin told me later). Perhaps the man was scared of my reaction and asked Calin why I was shaking like that. Even now I do not know why I've shaking: maybe because the fear, or the morphine effect !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Personal Comment: Calin told me some aspects, when I came from the hospital, but most of them I noticed and judged myself, which proves that I exaggerated the level of pain I felt. I believe that the paramedic, who was trained and possibly had experience in his work on the ambulance, had to judge himself, and to make the right decision, not to behave as a robot, applying what the NHS protocol says.

  The big ambulance arrived. Some 2-3 burly men and a woman, dressed in green uniform and boots, came inside as into a warehouse, not in a house. They spoke to each other and to the paramedics arrived with the car. I did not understand what they were talking about, because of acute pain and because they were talking too fast and possible using slang or dialect as the English does, usually and premeditated, in the presence of someone who has difficulties of any kind. Calin, who was more mindful to my reactions than to their discussion, told me they had mentioned the story with Judy.

  They wondered if I could walk and after I said yes, I went to the ambulance upholding from the woman's arm. In the ambulance I did not want to lay on the bed and I sit in the cart.

  As I already knew I was injected as a pain killer, the Morphine, but I did not realised the risk, but only into the ambulance, where I started to sweat very hard and I was so bad that I was thinking, that the ambulance would not arrive in time to the hospital, especially since I did not hear the siren and neither Calin, who was driving behind, did not see the blue warning light (possibly because the staff decided I was not a serious case). The paramedic (the first) told me that the injected dose was ½ of a child's dose and that the protocol says morphine is the sedative used by the ambulance service. I have replied that morphine has the effect of a high-risk drug, especially for a person like me, and that I know they are injected into terminal cancer phases (for example), in case of road accident, in conventional warfare. I could barely speak, on a very low tone, with interruptions.

  The man took the blood pressure again, wrote something in the file, and started talking to the people in the cabin, through the open window behind it. I think he did not watched me until we got the hospital. 

  Calin drove behind, no longer taking into account the traffic rules, scared he would not arrive to hospital at the same time with the ambulance, to see what the hospital staff does to me. It seems he have done well, so when I got "on the hospital staff hand", he was next to me.


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