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(This text is more of a comment than an article, because it is not objective but it expresses my personal views!)

The British people have the greatest freedom to choose, but not only they not use their brain in this huge advantage, but in important moments it makes choices that deepen the abyss between rich and poor. Unfortunately, the actual British general elections have a huge influence on the whole world and Europe in particular. As it happened on 2015, so will happen on June 8, 2017.

Conservatives will, again, win this elections. I state this, because I rely on the conservative character (to not say, really racist and ignorant) of the majority of British, white natives.

Here I will make some points. The English does not like to call himself British, because he does not want to accept that the Scots, the Northern Irish and the Welsh are his brothers. The truth is that Welsh people name themselves only Welsh and the Irish only Irish. Scots are more decent, probably because they are not so ignorant and "racist" as the English.

The Conservative Party has nothing to fear or insist too much on attracting the majority to its side. For the entire 20th and what has passed from the 21st century, is good proof that history has not changed the character of the British.

The Conservative Party, or Tory, has always been the defender of the national traditions and institutions of the native British, and guaranteed the individual freedoms (which, however, the well-trained native does not use, feature which Tory uses to its advantage, i.e. the rich).

The Conservative Party knows in-depth the native and so is relying on winning these elections, which would not surprise me; given that in the years that it dominated the power, it trained well the British, especially the English ones.

The more the voters in a constituency are poorer, less educated (not to say, illiterate) living in a poor job area, the more they express their vote in favor of the Conservatives.

At first the Conservative was somehow a social party, but over time, and especially during Margaret Thatcher's government, it became one of the increasingly opposed social policies party. Unfortunately, the British majority "does not see and hear" that the times have changed!

If, sometimes, were other winners, in the last century, it was just a random choice, or some major events of mankind (the 2nd World War), when the ordinary British "woke up", for a short while, to reality.

The Conservatives have an ambiguous Manifesto, not to take too much responsibility for the poor majority. But money decides in these elections, as well as in the past.

A minor example is the Conservative campaign brochure, which is "customized", and it was sent by post on the voter's name.

The Labour Manifesto is dotted, though, not very well organized. That is why, in a possible winning, the Laborers can be held responsible, on a case-by-case basis.

Calin and I will vote with the Laborers. That's not because we are sympathizers or we totally agree with Corbyn's Communist views (which do not correspond, to a large extent, to my Communist views; I having been living in Communism for more than half a lifetime), but because our vote would contribute, a little bit, to a balance between devilishness and humanity.

I, being a feminist, like more May, who has "a PM face", but that is not enough to vote with the Conservatives.

I do not think that a fair society will be set up in the case, that, by a miracle, the Laborers will win by an overwhelming majority, but the things for the poor individual will take another, more favorable turn. This is because the Legislative will vote for laws, more favorable to the majority, and the Government, in which the Labour will have key positions, will enforce these laws.

Perhaps, if the Laborers are, threateningly, approaching Conservatives in the elections on 8 June, they will shake, a little or more, the Capitalist Jungle and force the odious capitalists to wake up to reality. Because of the rich, all the evil exists in the world, including the recent attacks in Manchester and London. Because of the rich, there are poor countries, hunger, prostitution, drugs, alcohol, illness, fear, immigration, hate, racism, violence, extremism.

Here is an example. The Higher Education in the UK is based on payer student. In England there is "England Student Finance" which pays the tuition fees, but when the Graduate reaches a certain salary, he/she pays back the loan with interest. The final amount becomes so large during years, that the borrower is likely to pay it, when he/she reaches the pension.

There are also some scholarships from sponsors, but the conditions for obtaining are very hard; so, the only solution is the interest-rate loan.

That's why only the determined British and, too many, I would say, foreigners with money, coming from rich families are able to attend higher education studies. And so, too many British young people are uneducated and implicitly ignorant, making the British people an ignorant one. A good reason for the Laborers to abolish the tuition fees and to get the vote of the youth.

However in the UK, the election campaign is not as aggressive as in Romania, perhaps because the parties support financially themselves. My conclusion is that I am realistic about these early elections.


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