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  An aggressive advert on Yahoo, has prompted me write this article, which refers to the magnate Richard Branson and his connection with the new trick/financial speculation, called "bitcoin". Within the last days of Jan, when I opened any of the Yahoo accounts, on the right-hand side, there were 2 pics of Branson, with his face covered by bloody wounds and bruises, and the spot: "Richard Branson is ready to quit." I was so curious that, instead of typing his name in Google search, as I usually do, when I want to find out information, I clicked on the spot. But, instead of finding out why he was hurt, the button shifts me to a laudatory or better said "toady" article titled: "560 Thousand British Quit Their Jobs After Richard Branson Invests Heavily in New Bitcoin Financial Tech." And the link is, or was: (which, at the time my article is published, gives error !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  However, on 01/02, it said that, there were 116344 comments, of which only 5 and a few replies appeared at the end of the article. When I clicked the button: it loads another 10 comments, didn't work. When I clicked on the comments response buttons, they did not work. So I could not find any other comments besides the 5 and I could not answer, which makes me doubt the truth of the article. The fact is that if RB should not agreed, neither the yahoo advert, nor the "CNN Tech" signed: Seth Fiegerman @ sfiegerman, would not have appeared.

  A few months or weeks ago, a sponsored e-mail which enters every yahoo account, said that RB promises to teach people a method how to get rich overnight. I was not curious to find out what the email said, so I can not comment!

  But the "bitcoin" phenomenon exists and becomes dangerous, especially for a certain category of poor, at own and figurative sense, people.

  A similar one, called Caritas, appeared in Romania (possibly after Western examples) in the years immediately after the "revolution" and left some Romanians extremely poor. I remember that my parents invested a modest amount of money, that was lost, but it did not affect us, because none of my family members ever thought of enriching overnight or other "trickeries made by the guileful of the time." The small investment was made just because the phenomenon lasted for a while, and the wind blew us a little bit" or because of "the flock wit"!

  It is said of this kind of financial "investment" that it is of a pyramidal type, which means that at the base are the small depositors (gullible), and at the top are the ones who collect, the "tricksters"! Bitcoin urges the "first players" to participate with modest amounts to quickly earn huge amounts of money. But, as the money is made only by: 1) speculating (cheating others), or 2) luck (to be born as "heir" or that your "worked" or painlessly product finds buyers), I don't "see" how an investment in a promise without cover would bring enrichment!

  It is said that this, so-called electronic coin, will be used in the "far away future", in case it will not disappear, or volatilize, as it happened with other promises of enrichment without cover!

  But, since the man kind has been endowed with free will (including ignorance and stupidity), he often acts like "the flock." A Romanian word says: "stupid fellow, but lucky fellow"; many times there were stupid fellows who not only that they enriched, but they managed to keep their wealth because of the "needy", intelligent man who had served them, or because of the stupidity of the "flock", which surpassed his stupidity.

  The success of RB, the futurologist or the visionary of the century, as well as the other wealthy, is due both to the luck of being gifted with the talent of "driving the world with cork" but mostly as the "talent" of the crowd itself to be driven with "cork".

  Some would say that I am rancor, frustrated, envious that "I do not have and he has wealth!". Maybe so it is, but I think it is more about objectivity, because I did not know or I would not know personally on RB, because his life is evolving in parallel with mine, so, logically, they can not intersect. Therefore, I and Calin, living a parallel life with RB's, can not interfere with his futuristic "businesses".

  When we had the bad luck to interact with individuals named Richard, things did not work well for us! Like in the dog and doggy fable, I do not know, whom RB wants to enrich, but no way the doggy !.


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