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Do you want a holiday fairy-tale, are you an aficionado of a tale landscapes , or you're just a glutton or winter sports enthusiast, or fun to the max, then Romania is the ideal place for an unforgettable vacation.

Anyway, the FIRST STOP you should do to BRASOV, located in southeastern Transylvania, into the curvature of the Carpathian Mountains, at 161 km from

Bucuresti,the Romanian capital, on the DN1. Here you can find anything you might be interested in or entertain you: history, culture, mountain, sport including winter sports, customs and traditions, traditional restaurants or simply select, clubs, sophisticated shops but also traditional, elegant SPAs and health centers. And maybe, who knows, you may meet some vampires, as Bran Castle (called of Dracula's) is only 25 km from Brasov.

You can choose to accommodate yourself to a 5 stars hotel and pay £65 per night or to a 3 stars guest house with £15 pounds per night and even less.

OK! And now let go to have BIG FUN! Going to CINEMAX 5D to Bran (cinema in 5 dimensions) where the special effects are impressive, the seats are moving and the sound is one of exception. And while in Bran, it is indubitable necessarily to have to go to the CASTLE where it may be left few vampires from DRACULA's times!

Brasov is a city full of history and culture, as it was attested documentary in 1235 and having a strong German mark, which is seen in architecture and traditional crafts, food and costumes. The OLD CENTER is truly romantic and impressive represented in medieval constructions like: Bastion of the Drapers, Ropes men and Furriers, the Castle Museum, the Town Hall, the Black Church, the White and Black Towers and the Butchers Tower, the Graft Bastion with the fortified bridge, the Blacksmiths Bastion.

Or maybe you prefer to do sport: Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Rock Climbing, Motorized hang gliders, Rafting, Paragliding, Riding, Flying by Helicopter or Balloon, Snowboarding, Skiing.

If you love cultural there are dozen of events in Brasov and surroundings like: the Days of Brasov, Romania craftsmen fair, the International Pop Music Festival named the Golden Stag, the Jazz Gala, the Snow Festival to Bran, Bran Sculpture International Festival.

Even the shopping in Brasov are a highly interesting activity. The traditional markets and small shops attract tourists but also the spectacular malls.

This presentation is only a small part of what represents Brasov like a Dream Holiday. If you want to learn more about the city from Carpathians you have only one solution: take the plane and fly to Romania!

Comment: In this very brief overview of Brasov, I've included a few photos from Google images, because my photos are too old and do not have the content I wanted. I wrote the text as a leaflet in 2014 when I attended the English language Functional skills.


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