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FRIES WITH PORK (more than the recipe)

I prefer to buy potatoes in "Polish" stores because they ...taste better ... and of course ... they are very cheap, especially in bulk. I buy pork from there also, because it is sold at kg and I can see what I buy. When I find, I purchase, together with the meat, raw, bulk, fat also. Since I buy meat for one month, for me and Calin (about 7 kg of different meat: chicken, beef, pork), I portition it, usually in small blocks (I buy only boneless meat, to not be necessary to remove the bones, as Calin does not want to see them on the plate). I put, into small bags, about 300 g (for one meal, usually pork mixed with beef or pork and fat) and put them in the freezer.

Every day I take a package out; sometimes the wrong one, and then I have to change (immediately) the dish, because Calin comes from work at 18 and he has to eat (a different dish than the previous day). For this reason and because we have too little money I have to cook everyday or almost everyday in house. It is why I said, I'm tired of cooking! Because this dish is one of the few of which people (including Calin) make no fuss, I said myself to post the recipe.

I put the meat straight from the freezer in a hot mixture of about 2 tablespoons olive oil (Organic) and some more corn oil, (both from Tesco). I do not defrost the meat before cooking, because the frozen meat keeps better the properties. If I intend to make meat roll or a dish more complicated (which happens very rare, because I cook every day and my time is limited) requiring bigger piece of meat, then I hold the meat larger. I put a little salt and pepper and when the meat is thawed and begins to fry I pour water, enough to cover the meat and so on until the meat is tender, and then, I let it fry until has a fried colour.

While the meat is cooking, I peel 3 large potatoes (after I washed them), I wash and cut them into cubes and place on kitchen towels to drain. I cut, cubes, a medium zucchini (white, from the Polish store) and put on paper to drain. I use the wok because I put less oil (about ½ l). I put sunflower oil from Tesco (2 bottles of 5 liters each, at £8 both) because it is cheaper and I use it only once (it decomposes and becomes hazardous to health, being used more then ones). I put the drained potatoes and zucchini in a bowl and suddenly pour them in the hot oil, while keeping a lid very close to the surface of the wok, so the hot oil does not splatter.

The cooker fire is at strong and the wok is uncovered at all time. The kitchen door is wide open, because the hair and clothes catch the smell of fried, fast. I use the foam spoon to mix them and after they caught a crust brown/reddish I take them out on kitchen towels, put in a colander, to drain of oil. I sprinkle little salt and pepper and I place them on plate with the fried meat. Sometimes, instead of salt, I sprinkle grated, white, salad cheese (Romanian from Polish store) and Cheddar (Turkish from the same store) and sometimes dill. I mix sometimes the potatoes with raw, onion, finely chopped. I may, sometimes, put a fried egg for decoration.

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Katherine O' Riordan <> 28/04/15 at 9:31 PM


Continutul mesajului

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