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BREXIT (we'll live and we'll see, everyone is making a guess ...)

I have not slept the night of 23 to June 24; I held the computer open to track statistics. I fell asleep in the morning and when I woke up and found that a small majority decided to divorce from the EU, I felt "tight heart". Me, as new British citizen and my son, a little older citizen, we had the right to vote and, of course, we voted "Remain". That's because we were convinced, at that time, that these is the best thing for us and for most UK poor people. Now, almost a year after the Referendum, things have clarified more and our anxieties have subdued more!

We talked to many native Brits and from our discussion, we assumed, that the majority will vote to stay, but we were wrong (views in this text belong to me and my son). The native, mainly elderly Britons, still keeping bygone times memories, and many from the active population, who is "trained", by the indoctrination means, used in "Media", voted (apparently) surprising. Here it applies (only half, I would say) the expression, from Juvenal's Satires: <Panem et circenses>, because the wealthy people diverted the attention of the ordinary men (of "crowd") from the essentially things for existence "bread and shelter" to "circus" (which is not an existential need).

In fact, things stay so: Brexit could have been predicted since May 2015 parliamentary elections. All the time, the native population was dissatisfied with EU membership, and when David Cameron (The Little Churchill) promised The Referendum, in exchange for his party (the party of the wealthy people) to be elected, the population reacted, even if it meant falling of the living standard. The poor worker, maid person or slave of the rich, the majority intended to vote The Labour, but .... indoctrination, ignorance, fear, discrimination did so that many 'changed their mind', so they voted The Conservatives. Let me start with the last feature that is specific to native British, the discrimination. The hate and contempt of the native toward any other ethnic group, were so great, that these prevailed before the possibility of lowering the living standard. They put immigration issue in front of what could happen to the detriment of themselves, and the majority voted with Conservatives the only strong party, which promised and had the power to trigger the Brexit. So, the inevitable produced!

On 24, in the morning, I went out in the backyard with chores. Our neighbour next door went out for a cigar. Instead he greets me as usually, he said me with visible satisfaction "We are free!". At that time he was employee to a settlement with residents with mental problems, so he was a hardworking person, he foretold that he would vote for Exit, to not be told by others what to do in his own country. I asked him, if he thinks his life is going to change for better, in case the UK will be out of the EU and he said, with confidence, yes. Now, when things are not at all good for him, he does not say anything about Brexit. Some days, nay, perhaps weeks, my son and I were scared (although we are British citizens, naturalized, but not native) of what we might happen. I had nightmares, as I had in the early years of our immigration. In the coming months we both hoped: there will be a 2nd referendum, as required by the petition which has obtained four million votes, or the Parliament will not legislate the Brexit, or "the threaten of separation" of Scotish first minister, will change Government's decision. As none of that changed the outcome of the vote, we tried to see the good parts to us, as British citizens.

In Dec. 2015 the referendum received Royal Assent; it looks like The Queen asked what is so great to be member in an organisation which is not to the benefit of Great Britain. Later, a royal official denied that The Queen would said that. However, the polls show that the elderly population, will not only participate to vote, in much larger number than the active population, but that its vote will be in favour of leaving the EU. It can be said here that elderly remained with nostalgia of the days when Britain had an untouched reputation (in Romanian, GB was the God of the mankind). Of course, things will not change in favour of the poor majority, too soon or too much.

Theresa May (former Home Office State Secretary, correspondent for the Romanian Interior Ministry) and the current UK Prime Minister and the leader of the Conservative Party, suggested, in a conversation with Nicola Sturgeon, six years for a visible change in living standards. If wealthy people will understand that they have to "weaken the chain around neck", then the living standards of ordinary Britons will increase. But for now this is just a vain hope belonging to naive! In the past year since the Referendum, the ordinary British life worsened. All costs, especially for basic needs: food and shelter, but also fees, services and other increased. At all these was added the pound decrease, which has affected more the slender budget of poverty. While wages have remained the same, competition for a job has increased, the welfare benefits decreased and conditions for granting them were tightened.

Related to Romanians, after triggering the article 50 and especially after the two years of negotiations, things will change a lot, but only for the poor Romanians, no way for those who could prove they will be a value for the UK or for the rich ones! The entry conditions will be tightened and the naturalization will be almost impossible to gain. It could be like 20-30 years ago, when hearing that helicopters overfly the territory of the UK, to hunt illegal immigrants, like Romanians !!!

I understand, in a very small extent, the native aversion towards immigrants, especially from the East. An example: in 2007, when I first came to the UK for 3 months (the length of time, I had permission to reside), I found that cities were cleaner and quieter than today. Not at the same conclusion, I arrived when I came in 2010, ie after the immigrants from Central Europe (mainly Polish) came massive, and especially when the Eastern Europeans invaded the country, after 1 January 2014. On all roads, you can see lot of rubbish, thrown from cars window, or even from walking. Inscriptions of all kinds, you can see on the exterior or interior of walls, shit dog is not collected by dogs owners, only rarely. But, what disgusted me even more, is that Lincoln (city that we did endear even more than Constanta) started resemble, especially at Christmas with the kitsch bazaars in Romania. And more, from cars, packed with Romanians, coming home from work, at car wash or factories, you can hear, sometimes very loud, "manele" (a sort of music, a mixture between oriental, indian and gypsy music), something which makes me crazy. I, myself can not accept all these, let alone the British native! But, what is really worrying, is the fact that many natives, especially young, adopted these bad habits of immigrants from Eastern Europe This is happening because the bad and evil are more easily done and accepted than the good! As, related to the fact that immigrants take jobs and welfare that ought be for British citizens, I will speak in another post.

PS. I want to live in the UK for very important reasons, but, definitely, I do not want to be forced to eat English food made from English ingredients, to use English medication to watch English television!


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