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I wish I could organize my blog, because I hate the muddle, but ... I do not know how to do it, because, as Calin says, I am parallel with the technique, and he did not give "a shit" in helping me! I can not expect Britons help, because, from my experience with the natives, I found that, these attitude belongs to British culture, i.e. they boasts that they like to help, but in fact, they only want to have a benefit from other ethnic group hard work. Maybe the Romanians would help me, or maybe ... not! I suppose that if my blog is visited by Romanians from Romania, they will not help me, because I "do not kiss nobody's ass" and, especially, because "I tell what I think". However, what seems to me strange is the fact that my posts in Romanian have views, and I do not think that among the English people there are Romanian speakers!

As, I know only an elementary English, although I made my entry on Internet 13 years ago, and I live in the UK for 6 and a half years, I'm not sure if my posts translation is understandable for English speakers. It is about the phrase topic, the multiple meaning of words and that Google translate helps me very little, the translation, there, being bad or very bad. So, I rely more on my own common sense. I would like to make myself understood, because I intend to post many of the things that I know and lived, to be used by any kind of audience.

Within one month and one week, since I started working on the blog I posted 17 articles, but not getting any comment, although, I tried to do a good job, I do not know if English speakers understand me.

I say I know only an elementary English, because I have not ever had the ability to learn a foreign language. Also, I do not talk often to ordinary people, but inside institutions, where the civil servants speak a standard English, with which I'm doing well, especially as I write quite many complaints, I being a chronic discontent. With ordinary people I speak only rarely, because I understand slang or "county" dialect hardly and that, more or less, most people speak too fast (perhaps with the intention to put me in difficulty) for my understanding.

Besides these, most British, talk and even write less in standard language. I had the proof when I was at English Functional Skills course. I mated with ordinary people, of British origin. We have been assigned to separate labels, some containing words in standard English and some slang. As my colleagues did not know how to do the job, I did it myself. I managed to do a perfect split, because I know the standard language. I put on a column all standard words, and what was left (an equal number of words) I assumed that they are slang and I put on the other column.

Some may wonder why I posted, as a profile picture, one which represents me, opening the envelope containing the Naturalization Certificate; somehow to brag ?! And my answer is: YES. I did this because obtaining the British citizenship was the greatest achievement of my life and that in these picture I look best!


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