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As for me, how hateful are some beasts, as wolves, bears, lions and some others, who think of themselves as being a treasure! If they descended from a noble family, that's only a happenstance! I may be noble otherwise, but I don't like to show it. People often say that, in civilized countries, there is equality. Everything changes and is carving in the world, only ourselves do not lose the pride. As for me, I gladly say that everybody, beast or lowly dog, knows and calls me real dog and not your lordship.

 So spoke, the other day with an ox, Samson, a big yard dog, that barks very loud. 

Samurache, a doggy, that sat aside as a simple spectator, hearing their case, and neither pride nor vain whims, was coming closer, to show the love he has for them: "Thinking of you, he said, your thinking seems to me wonderful, and I honor your feeling, my brothers." - 

"we, your brothers? Samson replied furious: We, your brothers, pooch?! I'll give you a beat you will remember! Do you know, cheeky toady, who we are and it shall fall to you, to address to us? "-

" But you said ... "-

" And what do you care? I ask you what I meant? I was truly speaking, that I don't love the pride and I hate the lions; I want equality, but not for doggies. "
Between us (the humans) we see it often, and only we want equality with the mightiest.

PS I tried to do an accurate translation from Romanian of the fable "the dog and the doggy" by Grigore Alexandrescu

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