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I... and...about me

I thought to make my own blog, as few coins could drop from heaven in my empty pocket!


For the "citizens" who think about themselves, as being normal and decent people or behavior, in a normal and decent world, the language or pictures in my blog may, often, be considered libelous, offensive or too explicit. Therefore, my recommendation is that these people, adults and/or minors refrain from viewing my blog; or look, but "secretly" !!!!!! I do not consider myself a racist and less a xenophobic; If, however, some of the "decent" humans, judges me as being, it's their problem! I just transpose, in writing, my thoughts and feelings about something or somebody, and I do not want to "hide behind finger"! I do not fit and I do not want to fit a "template"!


My son, a middle-aged adult, says that I do not have "all the tiles on the roof", that I am totally weird, meaning, in his opinion, that I am, as a human and mother, a normal one, having an absolutely normal behavior, for the raving world where, we do our best to survive. Illustrative are, the nickname "Zorro", given to me by a friend from my son's childhood, and still used today. Also, I do not give myself aside to use a hammer drill to work on the engines, or to attend "Parazitii" concerts and much, much more. I must add here that my son Calin, said when he was a child that a man takes the image and likeness of the woman with whom he lives under the same roof. As for me, giving him birth (even if he doubts, sometimes, that I would be a woman) and being 26 years older than him, I influenced his character and behavior. Conclusion: Calin is like me!

I never had given the opportunity, or I did not have the financial strength, or maybe the will and the boldness to use my intellectual resources and qualities to do something, to become expert in something. Some Romanians have said about me that I am arrogant, maybe about Calin also. Others that I'm crazy. Most, I think, have said that we are suckers, who have "gotten" (being British citizens), are with "nose up" and do not remember from "where they left". I just believe, we were given a second chance in the UK, which we not only "saw", but we also used it and we use it as good as we can!

There is a huge difference between what I wish to happen after my message and the fact that everything will go the same as before. I rely on reality, when I say that not only anybody will listen to me, but that no one will follow me or follow my recommendations to make his/her life nicer and better. That's why I write what I think and what I've been lived, openly, without any restraint. I always believed that the best lie is the truth, because no one imagines that I really tell the truth (that is, what I believe). The world does not seem to need: beauty, usefulness, tolerance, but, a very immense ... hogwash. Everywhere you can see the evilness, devilishness, violence, ugliness, pestilence, hypocrisy, gross lie, piles of ruins and rubbish, slaughter, fakes. The beauty of nature, man's creations, honor, goodness and value are not only bypassed, but these features are continually, aggressed and sometimes even destroyed.

Maybe what I write about me seems like a, non quality, self-irony , but, I really believe, I'm a clever and of good quality human being! However, if, by chance, through what I post on my blog, I can even make a millimeter of the world to be more tolerant, then, I could believe, that I have not lived in vain!

I have not too much formal education, but I saw, heard and experienced, far, too many, not to guess how things work!

I like beautiful things, but, I see better and beyond my will, the devil ones!


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