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CHELOO from PARAZITII (parasites)

DIICOT (Direcția de Investigare a Infracțiunilor de Criminalitate Organizată și Terorism-the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism Directorate) Prahova hears, at the moment, 90 persons, among which is Cheloo, the hip hop PARAZITII band member (accused of using cannabis, a few grams being found on him). Asked by a reporter why he was there, the artist gave a short answer: "I came for a walk. I feel like a wolf when I see so many sheep around me!" One of the police officers present at the scene managed to give more information about the case, which has shocked the fans of the famous artist.


In a tendencious language, Cheloo (Catalin Stefan Ion) is a xenophobic (more precisely, a racist and a homophobe). These are just some invented words that are used by some individuals, usually, in court against others! The truth is that there is no human on Earth who has not been or is a xenophobic. But, the fact that the majority hides this, makes the term to be applied only on those people who, outspoken, express their opinions and feelings. But, I still believe that as long as an attitude or an individual situation, not affect you directly, mentally, physically and financial, you need not to care. Simply, ignore! And here I have to give an example: the native British (usually white) ignores everything that is NOT British and so, he/she is happier and can dominate other peoples, such as the the Romanian people, who behaves, as if the Britons would be a superior nation!

Cheloo has an ARROGANT BANDIT looking; (generally speaking, an intelligent person, who is extremely rare, has a trait in his/her personality called arrogance) or....of a TEACHER! This makes the person unacceptable in the "decent world." I think this is a good reason for women to feel attracted to Cheloo! However, what is essential is that his physical presence and face expression do not seem LIBIDINOUS as of the majority of men. I think he would be the sort of man who is more attracted to the conversation with an intelligent human being than to have sex with a beautiful looking woman (or maybe not !!!!!!!!), being, as himself says, a simple man. I believe he is a responsible adult!


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