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PROTEST against the Conservative Party campaign for the general elections 7.05.2015

Who took our dignity and self-respect!

I’d have comments on each paragraph from the electoral leaflet of the Conservative Party' candidate in the ---constituency; but in this open letter, I shall refer and consider only the paragraph entitled "Immigration". Some may consider that it “instigates to racism”, but I am more tolerant and open to arguments in order to refute this opinion.

Paragraph, from Sir Edward Leigh electoral leaflet, inserted here: “IMMIGRATION: Our Regaining control over our borders is an absolute priority. Free movement of EU citizens doesn’t work when you have countries as diverse as Britain or Sweden on the one hand and Bulgaria and Romania on the other. We need to see a move to a more balanced, managed system of migration that restricts economic migrants while allowing talented people in.”

My family consists of two members: me and my son. We live on the hill. My name is Marylena C.Goia; I am 61 years old, a Romanian national and permanent resident in the UK. My son's name is Calin ; he is 35 years old, of Romanian origin, at present with double citizenship: British and Romanian. I, myself, intend, if we have the necessary money, to apply for British citizenship this year, since I fulfil the British immigration law conditions of residence. I wonder and I ask you, should I worry that my application may be rejected if the Conservative Party won the elections? I also wonder and ask you, if I and my family would have to fear for our safety because we chose to live among native British and not inside immigrant communities?

Struggling for survival, existence and integration, we, the Romanians, have forgotten that we are "homo sapiens sapiens" and, at the same time, equal to any other nation on earth. Nor can we express our talents, since chasing after food and a safe shelter leaves no room for anything else. A Romanian Word says: "Mountains here are rich with gold, yet we beg on every threshold”. Have you ever wondered why a people like the Romanian, (with an ancient culture and absolutely brilliant civilization), who is living in such a rich country, with all kinds of natural resources, has become an economic migrant nation? And, if you wondered, I would like to know what the answer to the question was!

Have you ever wondered, why human beings of any nationality unwillingly live in poverty, fear and humiliation, are ignored and oppressed by the more fortunate ones (who were born rich or in noble families, born British or simply fortunate, etc.)? If yes, then I'd like you to tell me what your answer was! Me and my family are economic immigrants and also human beings, and talented ones, by the way. We worked very hard and we suffered big privations of financial and economic nature, sometimes unimaginable for a man with a normal life. All we have now is the result of tremendously huge intellectual and physical work efforts. Now, we may be in the position to “see a light at the end of the tunnel”, yet we cannot be sure of it.

My son's talent and experience were and are computers and, probably, foreign languages. But because of work restrictions in the UK, he was forced to work hard, as self-employed, for Lincolnshire Showground, although he had neither the health, nor the physical structure suited for the work there. For this reason, he graduated computer science, with very good results, at Lincoln college, and now he enrolled at the Open University (since, at the same time, he has to work) to complete his university studies in the same field. He has not a family of his own, not because he didn't want to, but because "the society has decided that he cannot afford one", he being a responsible individual. After a long searching, dotted with pretty ridiculous obstacles from the part of employers, he managed to find a job in IT. I do not work, although I am capable of almost any intellectual or artistic activity, for reasons not related to my desire or my will. Instead, I make all kinds of training for work, such as: English GCSE.

To become permanent resident or British citizen, the aspirant must pass the tests of “English language” and "Life in the UK". In the chapter on "Values and Principles of the UK" the following statements are made: "We are proud of our record of welcoming new migrants who will add to the diversity and dynamism of our national life." and: "Good citizens are an asset to the UK. We welcome those seeking to make a positive contribution to our society. " Please, tell me how the above statement fits the message from “your” leaflet related to immigration?

You should know that Romanians are very good workers, very hardworking and honest, despite the fact that they are (mostly) economic immigrants. In addition I will tell you, unless you know yet, that many employers or recruitment agencies prefer economic immigrants like Romanians, because they are the only doing refused chores, on salaries that barely cover the huge rent. Many would think that you make discrimination, saying that UK and Sweden are on the one hand and Romania and Bulgaria on the other. It's like saying that some human beings are inferior to others. Is it really true?!!! In your opinion, where do you locate the gypsies of Romanian nationality, on a scale from 1 to 10? Or the British gypsies? Or the nobles of any nationality? Have you ever known an economic immigrant of Romanian nationality and origin? If so, tell me, please, in what circumstances and what impression did he do to you? Do you care to know what we, me and my son, think our situation is now especially after reading the paragraph entitled "Immigration"? If yes, then tell me how you think we feel!!!

The first time I contacted you, was in 2007 and I have not had the ability to get your attention. I felt ignored as a needy human being. This time I hope to have more success! Don’t you think that borders should be protected not from potential economic immigrants, but from villains (terrorists, criminals, crooks, thieves, etc.)? Many would say that you have not served, in the past or at present, the interests of all your constituents, but only of one category, a group that has nothing in common with the poor majority or with impoverished people, which also includes economic immigrants like the Romanians. If you can give answers at all my questions, without exception, that may satisfy me, then I guarantee a vote for you from my family.

If you take into consideration my letter and you answer, I thank you! If you ignore its content and do not want to read it or to answer to me, I still thank you because you gave me the opportunity to practice my writing skills, my English knowledge and my ability to understand things

PS At translation from Romanian to English I received help from Gaby. I sent the letter to MP Edward Leigh, before the elections from May 2015 and I received the kind of answer I was expecting!


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